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    Form + Data Flow Project for New Online Portal

    Dan Askin

      Working on a project with a few moving parts. We're looking to outsource the form work/some of the marketo data structuring -- if anyone knows anyone ... Ideally, we're looking at a mid-June completion date. We're set on the API work, email creation and some automations, but are definitely open to feedback on the overall process, data security considerations, etc. 


      Nutshell = we're launching an exclusive new portal, driven by a 3rd party, accessible only to account holders. Those account holders will be able to invite a pre-determined number of 'share partners.' 


      Here's the flow:


      1) In an intro email, we'll ask account holders to invite friends via a Marketo form.

      • Form fields = name + email address
      • Bonus option to invite your share partners from Facebook (trying to simplify the process of sharing; open to other ideas)
      • # of invites is based on membership type, but it'll probably be 1-10.

      2) Upon form submission (button click), the following occurs:

      • Name-email combos are passed to our 3rd party log-in software via API -- this pre-approves the 'partners' to log in w/ only their email address
      • Name-email are held in Marketo, where we check to see if the user is new or existing.
        • Marketo auto-syncs with our CRM -- which we don't want in this case -- because these names are not necessarily new. If fact, in our world, many are probably existing. So we don't want to create new records before checking.
          • Yes = update their 'account holder #' attribute; not quite sure if we need to make the association from account holder to share partners (in which case Bob the account holder, could have 10 linked emails) vs. the other way around (each of the 10 email address have Bob's account #)
          • No = create a new unmailable record
          • Possible that account holders will invite the same people, in which case the most recent account holder # would overwrite (or we'd store all account holder #s within the one field)
      • The submit button click also triggers an email inviting the share partners to sign up -- allowing for sufficient time for the 3rd-party log-in software to process (pre-approve) the data.
        • If the share partner clicks the sign-up button in the email, they become mailable (it's messaged as a benefit)

      3) We want additional info on the share partners -- if we don't have it already -- so the invite email will take them to a second form asking them for phone #, zip code and DOB.

      • Upon completion of the second form, they'll be directed to the 3rd-party log-in page