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    Capturing Lead Source Information

      I'd love to get the community's feedback on some questions:


      1. How do you use source code fields in MKTO?  I understand acquisition program name, but there are other fields that are labeled Source, Source (I), Lead Source, etc.  I'm curious as to how other MKTO users take advantage of this field for reporting.


      2. MKTO and SFDC users - how do you handle the need to update "primary campaign source" on opportunities created in SFDC with contacts that are tied to campaigns in SFDC?  Our team was walking through this yesterday due to reporting discrepancies and noticed that this field wasn't filled on open opps which was not reflected at the campaign level.  Taking into account that SFDC is a last touch reporting system, I'm curious how others use this field.  Do you use the default mapping to Lead Source in MKTO and then update that field with workflows in MKTO?


      3. Also, is it's best practice to sync all MKTO programs to SFDC so that all members are associated with that campaign in SFDC?  Or just when a success milestone is reached?


      Any input would be awesome, thank you!