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    Landing Page Offline Mode

      Is there a way you can have your landing page in offline mode, so if you are at an event with no connectivity to the internet you can still gather leads and then upload to your CRM once you get internet access again?
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          The Marketo Check-in App works offline and could be used. I don't believe you can have a landing page 'offline' as the form needs to submit to marketo in order to log/create the lead.

          For offline collecting business cards and entering in manually works well and takes little time. You could also hack together a page that creates a csv file to import once you have connectivity.
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            Thanks for the reply Joe. The CSV hack sounds interesting and never thought of it. Would the csv hack use Javascript? 
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              What ever you're comfortable coding in could work. PHP, Java, Ruby... just need to make sure your machine is configured to run the languauges. It isn't that complicated to set up (depending on your comfort configuring a local web server). Then you can just code a local page to submit to your csv.

              That would let you set other fields as you go (such as lead source) very easily. Also could add in comments as you go and not be limited to the fields in the app.

              Take it a step further and you could optimize the page for use on a tablet, run a local wifi network and be mobile in the booth as you collect leads.