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    Standardized country names, commas causing issues

    Andy Varshneya

      With SFDC becoming our source of truth, we standardized countries based on the standard list that SFDC provides. This was a fairly easy implementation in SFDC but it is becoming a minor headache in Marketo due to the fact that some countries are listed with a comma in the name, such as "Congo, the Democratic Republic of the". This is a non-issue for the assets working off of Forms 2.0 since in that countries are added on a new line, but in 1.0, they're still added inline and are separated by commas.


      I've tried putting the country name in quotes, but the quotes are then displayed and the comma in the middle of the quotations results in it still splitting the value into two lines.


      Easiest solution would be to finish migrating all assets to Forms 2.0 and then make the change there, but since we can't wait for that due to sync issues, what other options do I have for inserting country names that include a comma and preventing them from getting split into two lines?