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This site uses a plugin(application/x-ati-urlmon) that is unsupported.

Question asked by 48c49186683192feffe5522e40302db706ce6eb4 on May 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 26, 2016 by 48c49186683192feffe5522e40302db706ce6eb4

I'm having a strange problem with some of my embdeded marketo forms.


When loading some of them on Chrome after 42, I get a pop up saying: "This site uses a plugin(application/x-ati-urlmon) that is unsupported." I checked the payload that these problem forms return, and they all contain "type= application\/x-ati-urlmon" . The ones that work correctly do not contain this text, even though they are pretty much carbon copies of the problem forms. The problems that do throw this error to our users seem to work completely fine.


Has anyone encountered this before?