Upcoming Meetings

Discussion created by 08cda8438832bb697f09f3d851d9ba5fae8023fd on May 25, 2016

Thanks to everyone who attended today’s MUG Meeting! I’m really looking forward to our summer sessions. Below is an outline of tentative topics we’re working to find speakers for. If anyone thinks of anything else, please send them my way (or if you’re interested in presenting on a topic, please let me know)!



Tentative Topics

Building & implementing behavior-based nurture campaigns

Refer a friend programs – best practices, what’s worked, etc.

Managing duplicate leads in your instance

Building your Marketo instance to scale – best practices to implement today, to help keep your instance in order as you grow

Email deliverability best practices

Working with segments

Google Analytics & Marketo – best practices for using the two together



Save the date! Our next meeting is Wednesday, June 22. We’re looking to host our next meeting at a restaurant so people can order lunch if they’d like — look for more details coming soon.