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    Need a Marketo Architect for a short term contract to Optimize your Instance? Right Here!

      Do you need help clearing out your backlog of Marketo projects or want to get an optimization kicked off your list?  Automaton has an Architect Level Marketo Certified Expert immediately available locally in Atlanta.  He completed his last project a month early and has three weeks until his next project kicks off.  Because it is immediate and short term, he's available at 40% the traditional senior lead rate, $70 an hour.  His skill set includes everything from simple email and campaign design to complex routing and workflows, sales/marketing crm integration, lead database cleansing/optimization, new instance spin ups, full architecture implementations, advanced problem solving/troubleshooting, deliverability best practices/blacklisting resolution, and the latest innovative solutions. Free assessments. Ping andrew.graves@automatoninc.com.