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    Multiple Soft Bounces

      Hi All, 
      This month we are doing weekly email blasts. First week we had 2.65% Hard Bounces and 3.86% Soft Bounce. It's higher than desired, but expected for our first broad email send.

      How I understand it, Marketo should prevent emails going to most of the Hard Bounces, so the next send should have lower hard bounces. But Marketo will continue to send to Soft Bounces, so the Soft bounce should be about the same or lower. 

      The second week we did another send to the same list, resulting in over 5% Hard Bounces and 1.84% soft bounces, which is the opposite of what I anticipated. Our list did not change so dramatically as to double our bad addresses. Upon examination, the previously marked Email Invlids are NOT being mailed to again as expected, so how are there more?

      Are some of the previous Soft Bounces now Hard Bouncing? Is this a normal occurance?
      Does Marketo automatically consider the Xth Soft Bounce as a Hard Bounce? At what point does Marketo not mail due to email bounces?