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    Sales Insight on Virtual Desktop

    Amanda Zoeller

      Our company is moving towards a virtual desktop environment and while migrating some colleagues onto the new environment we noticed the Sales Insight Outlook plug in was not working. We have had our IT team working on a solution and workaround to make it so that we can keep using the feature.


      What the initial issue was that every time you log into the virtual environment a new desktop would spin up. So essentially, it was removing the plug in every time.


      With the workaround our team had some progress...


      In advance of the formal engagement with VMware for an alternate delivery method (AppVolumes Writable Volumes), they worked to install Marketo into the Writable Volume. 


      We learned the following:

      • Marketo installs into the Writable Volume
      • Upon logoff and login, as the user gets new VDI sessions, the Writable Volume follows her and the Marketo application is available
      • Unfortunately, some ‘link’ seems to be broken.  See error message as the plug-in is enabled


      Does anyone had suggestions or ideas for our team? Marketo is not offering support for this since it is a workaround.


      Thank you!