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Live webinars vs. Videos-on-demand?

Question asked by 86ce1dcc1153bd415cf1485431521714867c247a on May 20, 2016
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I need someone smarter than myself to help weigh the pros and cons on doing live webinars vs. videos on demand.


Situation: We provide bi-monthly hurricane outlooks as part of a lead gen tactic. We have an in-house studio that allows us to create high quality outlooks in video format. So we can do them as actual videos-on-demand, embedded in a landing page with a clear CTA underneath, OR do them as a traditional live webinar (with follow up of course). I know you can turn a live webinar into a video-on-demand, but I wanted to float the question out there -- are live webinars still appealing if you could instead get the information you seek instantly on the other side of a form?


Its just such a labor intensive process to create the program in Marketo, sync everything to GoToWebinar, etc. Is a VoD a decent substitute?


And... discuss!