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    Live webinars vs. Videos-on-demand?

      I need someone smarter than myself to help weigh the pros and cons on doing live webinars vs. videos on demand.


      Situation: We provide bi-monthly hurricane outlooks as part of a lead gen tactic. We have an in-house studio that allows us to create high quality outlooks in video format. So we can do them as actual videos-on-demand, embedded in a landing page with a clear CTA underneath, OR do them as a traditional live webinar (with follow up of course). I know you can turn a live webinar into a video-on-demand, but I wanted to float the question out there -- are live webinars still appealing if you could instead get the information you seek instantly on the other side of a form?


      Its just such a labor intensive process to create the program in Marketo, sync everything to GoToWebinar, etc. Is a VoD a decent substitute?


      And... discuss!

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          Amanda Thomas

          Ah! This is an awesome question, Mallory Garber! I think the best way to find out is to measure the # of people that sign up for a webinar vs the number of people that fill out a form for an on demand video. (You can also do # of people that attended a webinar instead of registered.)


          Just looked at our numbers for our March webinar. We had 61 attend and only 2 people filled out the form to watch it on demand. So, I'd say the actual webinar is more effective than the on demand video for our company. I would  compare more than one instance of course.


          Personally, I try to do 1 Marketo/new tool webinar per week. Sometimes I miss them and think oh well I'll watch the video, but I never watch the video. I think having it on the calendar gives a sense of commitment.


          I'm curious to see how the numbers line up for other companies. Maybe we can ask the group to do this experiment during our next meeting.

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              Thank you, Amanda, that is great feedback! I also never actually watch webinar on-demand videos for the same reason, lol. Perhaps though, because the VoD is available instantly behind the form this would make them more readily available? I guess that means though you'd need to send the email at the exact right time where they have 5-10-30 minutes or however long the video is whereas with a webinar they could plan ahead to make time to be there for the webinar.


              All great notes!

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              Chris Perez

              I don't know about your industry, but for us live webinar registration and attendance does better than any video we create. We don't have an in-house studio though, so we don't have a lot of cool content.


              If on-demand works for you great, but if you are unsure about performance, then test the same content against each other in the two mediums. 1/2 of your DL gets a live webinar invite and 1/2 gets the on-demand and see which is the winner. Double the work is required, but that should give you a better idea of what performs better for your targets. We try not to make any outright changes to processes without proving that the changes positively impact results.


              The other thing that a live webinar affords you is multiple touches for possible scoring. For some targets we score opens, clicks, registrations, attendance, on-demand views. If you promote the video, you can score opens, clicks and views if you work with a video provider that enables you to do so you can track views (we use Vidyard). With on-demand you also miss out on the opportunity to increase interest with email confirmations, registrant and non-registrant reminders, as well as replay messages for registered attendees. It probably isn't apropos to send a message promoting the same video over and over, but it has come to be acceptable to do so with webinar promotions.


              Also, we do so many webinars that we have most settings and key content tokened to reduce the effort required to launch a webinar by making it cloneable. You should consider this if webinars end up being your choice for disseminating information, and also consider adopting a framework for any communication or promotion type that has to be replicated regularly.

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