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    Form Field Titles in Field box (placeholder HTML 5) and other

    Will Shum

      Thanks guys from Form 2.0 Sanford WhitemanGrégoire MichelJamie Lewis


      1. Placeholder: I got the tokens to work in a form how do I customize it so that the form field titles are inside the box and to make look like:




      2. Also for opt-in I need the date/time: I'm guessing best way is to: create a variation rule to have it populate in forms (hidden)?

      3. Disclaimer copy:
      (a)The disclaimer copy appears but the width seems to be half the width and css code doesn't seem to work:


      (b) fields need to extend to full width
      (c) Full width Submit button

      (d) colour change doesn't work


      Css codes used:
      #10845885 - Pastie

      Thank you,