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Integrating Web App with SFDC and Marketo - Which way to go?

Question asked by Erin Olsen on May 20, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by William Finnen

Does anyone have experience integrating their web app with salesforce and marketo? We currently have a free trial of our software and are using marketo and salesforce but we don't have those two systems connected with our web app. We soon will have development resources to connect everything together and as I started to whiteboard the process there are a lot of potential scenarios.


Ideally, we would like anyone that signs up for an account (even if it's free) to become an Account in SFDC.


Right now anyone that signs up for our free trial comes into Marketo and then is pushed to SFDC as a lead. The SDR then looks at the lead, qualifies it and converts it to an account if it meets MQL.


For anyone that has integrated a web app with sfdc and marketo - do you route them to marketo FIRST and then convert them to an account in salesforce? Do you integrate your web app directly with SFDC and then push the data to marketo? I want to be able to cookie users via marketo immediately so I can track them, so that makes me lean towards pushing them into marketo first (and gives me the option of tweaking the intake form on the fly, etc.)


Would love to hear any experience other have at SaaS companies with web apps/free trials. Or any content out there that would help me sort this all out.


Our website is if you are curious.