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    'Get Programs' API returns empty string for Status field in the response

      I am pulling program details by using below API call,




      in the response, status field is always set to empty string



        "success": true,

        "warnings": [],

        "errors": [],

        "requestId": "e8f4#154cc5b6d98",

        "result": [


            "id": 20369,

            "name": "Test",

            "description": "Test",

            "createdAt": "2016-03-17T04:15:17Z+0000",

            "updatedAt": "2016-04-20T15:21:28Z+0000",

            "url": "<<some url>>",

            "type": "Default",

            "channel": "Basic Email",

            "folder": {

              "type": "Folder",

              "value": 72359,

              "folderName": "Test"


            "status": "",

            "workspace": "Corporate"





      However, I can see in the Marketo UI that 'Event Status' is set to 'Scheduled Event'. But in the response, I always receive status as blank string.


      Any help would be highly appreciated.