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REST API: Error Code 1004 attributing lead to campaign by ID

Question asked by 3401477f8d410278ed0fd32b9d7efc3e0c388c8a on May 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2016 by d5e8a131f9687f6aec59607e8444bfddb51c51bb

We're currently receiving error code 1004 while attempting to attribute a lead to a campaign by lead ID. This behavior is unique to a specific client.


We deliver the lead data, the API returns a success response with an ID for that lead, we then use that ID to attribute the lead to a campaign, the API returns a failure: [{"code":"1004","message":"Lead [12345678] not found"}]}


Is there something the client could have done in their campaign setup to have caused this? I've tested on other accounts and campaign delivery is working fine.