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    Direct Mail - PURL or Promo Code?

    Brooke Lamb

      What do you recommend using for a direct mail piece? The goal is for them to enter their unique code (or go to the PURL) to access an exclusive piece of market research. We absolutely need to capture who cashes in this promotional offer. I have limited knowledge on fancy coding and am trying to see what would be easiest to program.






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          Sanford Whiteman

          Please search the Community for already-answered questions and then post back if there's anything that's not clear.  There was another question on this just moments ago.


          By the way, pURL is a Promo Code (assuming you only want one per lead).  You can set up a directmail promo code page (go.exampledirect.com/promo) and have them enter their pURL there, then forward them to the personalized page (go.example.com/marketresearch/ZEUHED).