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Outlook Plug-In Questions

Question asked by 728c1c99bb88e6ab2f7af53a9c71c8d3c1d496ee on May 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by 728c1c99bb88e6ab2f7af53a9c71c8d3c1d496ee

We are beginning to explore the Marketo Outlook Plug-In and had a few questions about it before we implement it with our team.


1. Is there a way to set up an alert email when someone sends a Tracked email to someone who is not already in our system so they can fill in the rest of their info in Salesforce?


2. (Hopefully there won't be any duplicates, but wanted to ask just in case) If there is a duplicate of emails in our database, will that lead receive 2 emails? If not, will both leads be updated with the same Sales Email activity?


3. What happens if someone is blocked/email is invalid in Marketo, but a salesperson were to Track their sent email? Will the email be able to reach them? If not, is the salesperson notified that their email was blocked/not delivered?


Thank you for your help!