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Setting Up Reminders in Engagement Engine Programs

Question asked by Abby Ryan Expert on May 17, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by Josh Hill

Has anyone experimented with reminder emails in nurture programs? We have a program manager who likes to send the ungated version of a nurture email as a reminder to anyone in the stream who did not reach success with the first touch. The problem is that when you're on a weekly cadence, the people who DID reach success end up not receiving an email for the week instead of skipping to the next piece of content.


I'm curious if anyone has any ideas of how to work this; I use email programs in my engagement engine, one for each email and one for each reminder, and there's criteria built in to exclude the successes as I noted above. There's one stream right now, and i've considered using a separate set of streams for the reminders but it seems far too complicated to do that and set up so many individual transition rules and I feel like there would be too much of a chance for human error.


Any ideas are greatly appreciated!