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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Campaigns

Question asked by 109b6a157316621515587bd06f51cfc925052d87 on May 16, 2016

Hey all! I enjoyed our last meet up @BlackDog! Very solid conversations and I was truly pleased to see so many MS CRM Dynamics users as well.

We are trying to wrap our head around the best practices for Marketo & Dynamics integration.


Has anyone utilized the Dynamics 'Source Campaign' fields in Marketo? In the past we haven't used CRM campaigns, we've tried, but never saw much value out of them. However, when reviewing the 'default' fields that are synced on the crm lead record, we noticed the 'campaign source' field, and figured it might be time to re-investigate.


In our scenario, on a landing page form, we are considering using a hidden field which is mapped to our campaign source.  


Open for any guidance, thoughts, or questions... 



Anthony Akin