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    New Deduplication App for Marketo

    Paul Trushin

      Hi everyone!


      Leadonance, a Marketo Technology Partner, is thrilled to announce that we've launched a brand new, slick & easy to use deduplication app specifically for Marketo. The new app called "Leadonance Deduplicator" allows to fully automate deduplication process, it integrates directly with Marketo via REST API, so you can leverage it even if you aren't a Salesforce client. The good thing is, if you are, you can still dedupe your leads in both, Marketo and Salesforce - its that flexible.


      There are a lot of other great features, that will make your life easier, so check it out when you have the time. You can learn more about Leadonance Deduplicator on its Launchpoint page.


      If you are interested in a fully functional free trial that allows to merge up to 500 duplicate records, just fill out the form on the app age or drop me a line at: ptrushin@leadonance.com .


      Paul Trushin

      Founder & CMO