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    One SFDC instance to MANY Marketo Instances

      I know there have been a few discussions around this topic and I've seen different answers from different people (Shout-out to Josh Hill and Kenny Elkington), but I am still a little confused.


      I might have a different use case than previously discussed, but I could be wrong. I am not merging instances anywhere. I have ONE SFDC instance that contains the devil (Purposeful dups!!). We're an agency and we sometimes service clients under OUR SFDC instance. Personas could overlap (and they do), hence the purposeful dups. We isolate them using Record Types. Each client, however, will have a separate Marketo instance.


      Question is, if we carefully craft SFDC profiles to access ONLY appropriate Record Types, would that be sufficient for us or is there more to it? I am not as operationally savvy in SFDC as I am in Marketo.