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Program Cost in Report

Question asked by 32ce901b06cc61b244fdc1e6063662628040a27e on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

I have put together a Program Performance report for all of our Field Marketing events. This information is the most important but we like the fact that there is cost information included in the main report too, with the optional filter of adding a Period Cost.


I want to use that so I added a Period Cost to each program (cost is based on the month that the event occurs in), and then added the filter. The report filtering for Program Cost allows me to select a date range, so I thought I would cover our entire financial year - the problem with this is that Marketo then looks for a period cost that matches that range. Because I had set them to be single months, the report was wiping out.


I initially thought I could solve this by updating the report each month to showcase the events IN that month, but that means we miss out on all the other Field Marketing data that occurs outside of the reporting month.


Then I noticed that you can have multiple Period Costs per program, and so created a workaround that split a single Period Cost over the course of the current quarter (for us, that's May, June, July as we are a month off the calendar year) - when I set the Period Cost filter on the report to be those same three months (our Q2), the event I tested with gets pulled into the report. Yay!


However this is all rather fussy - I was wondering if there is another report option that can include Program Performance and Cost Data without having to get so complicated with the Period Costs? Or is this simply a limitation of the way that Period Costs are set up in Marketo?


I am currently playing with a couple of reports in RCA (Program Cost Analysis and Program Membership Analysis) and while it looks like these would give all the information I am looking for, they are still two separate reports - would love to have cost and performance (Invited, RSVP, Attended, No Show) all together in one report.


If that's not possible, it's a choice between two reports or my Period Cost workaround!