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SF Campaign + List Upload help

Question asked by e17b69d1456de0e83e387b703019e4b53b68ad34 on May 11, 2016
Latest reply on May 17, 2016 by e17b69d1456de0e83e387b703019e4b53b68ad34

Recently I've been creating a Campaign in Salesforce prior to an event. I will then get an event attendee list and upload it into marketo, but not sync it to my SFDC campaign unless an action is taken by someone within my event program (form fill or link click).


My question is, when I upload a list to Marketo is it automatically synced to salesforce? I am so confused on how to best handle list uploads into marketo for pre-event outreach. Current leads/contacts are updated with accurate information during the upload, but for event purposes should current people wait to be added to that SFDC campaign until they preform an action?


What about the people that I upload and aren't in the system and are now in marketo are they also in SF? I am so confused. help


I don't want salesforce people to do anything with these people unless they express interest via an action.


I had someone in my organization asked me if there were people that existed in Marketo that may not be in Salesforce. If I am preforming an upload just into marketo how do I answer that question?