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      So we want to setup unsubscribes so that:

      • if the lead opts out of comms1, then we send a email alert to our unsubscribes A email address with customer name and ID
      • if the lead opts out of comms1, then we send a email alert to our unsubscribes B email address with customer name and ID
      • I have created  two custom unsubscribe fields (Unsub Comms1, Unsub Comms2)
      • Built a form(F) with the two fields
      • Setup a program:
      • Set a Smart Campaign for the program: -
        • Smart list trigger on 'fills out form(F)'
        • Flow 'Send Alert'
            • If attribute Unsub Comms1 is true, send EmailA to TeamA email  address
            • If attribute Unsub Comms2 is true, send EmailB to TeamB email address
      • Have I missed out on setting anything up?
      • So every time we create a program and a smart campaign and include Unsub Comms1 = False and Unsub Comms2 = False, it will exclude all leads that have unsubscribed, correct?
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          Josh Hill

          This sounds correct.

          Remember that your Fills Out Form also needs filters:


          Unsubscribe 1=T

          OR Unsubscribe 2=T


          I'm a bit confused as to why you are doing it by email A and B though. That doesn't seem scalable.

          • Re: Unsubscribes

            Thanks Josh,


            There is a internal process to have details of all leads that unsubscribe be sent to a team (hence the send alert to email A & B), who ensure that any other email comms (thats currently sent from other sources outside marketo) do not go out to these leads that wish to no longer receive marketing eDMS.


            Also - Any tips on how I can fix the following?

            In Admin I have changed the LP link and am adding a {{system.unsubscribelink}} token to the copy of the email, but the token fails,its linking back to the global unsubscribe LP (unsubscribepage.html) rather than the LP link shown below:


            <p><font face="Verdana" size="1">If you no longer wish to receive these emails, click on the following link: <a href="%mkt_opt_out_prefix%Unsucribes-management_LP-Unsubscribe.html?mkt_unsubscribe=1&mkt_tok=##MKT_TOK##">Unsubscribe</a><br/></font></p>