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Conflicting Logic from Multiple Smart Campaigns

Question asked by cd9fb48a5e0548f7cc1bfea33da84e4cf786525a on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by cd9fb48a5e0548f7cc1bfea33da84e4cf786525a

Most of our programs have a smart campaign to attribute the acquisition program when a lead is created by filling out a form.  For example:


Program 1 - On-demand webinar with a form

  • Trigger: Fills out form is "on-demand webinar A"
  • Flow: Attribute acquisition program to "On-demand Webinar A"

Program 2 - Google Adwords where you click on a PPC ad with a custom URL that syncs with the hidden fields (lead source and lead type) on "on-demand webinar A" form

  • Trigger

  • Flow: Attribute acquisition program to "Google Adwords"


Here both programs are triggered.  So which program gets the attribution?