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Marketo Survey Tools and Potential Integration(s)

Question asked by 30c9ee71d6765847849d93da8df804965d8e0f77 on May 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 9, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

Hi All,


We are looking to survey several different customer groups, target markets, etc. This likely works out to be thousands of surveys, sent multiple times, with subsequent surveys after the first one to be sent as well.


Ideally, we would love for what ever tool we decide to use to integrate with Marketo (and potentially, but less importantly, SFDC). We are a small company, and unfortunately do not have the funds for things like the Survey Monkey integration on the LaunchPoint site (which runs way above our budget). We are in the process of looking at 123ContactForm as a potential resource, but I haven't heard of anyone using it for surveys.


Any ideas here? Best Practices? Tools used with success? etc... Also as one last remaining point, my team and I are not super technical, so anything that involves very custom code, a developer, etc. are likely out as well...


Thanks a ton everyone!!!