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    Complex Live Event Seminar Flows/Triggers



      First time posting! Hope I can get some help.


      Our live event seminar registration map is as follows:


      1. Attendee registers on website

      2. Flow changes their status to registered and email is sent to our training coordinator who then asks a company rep to verify if they can attend or not (we screen all registrants to make sure it is valid, they aren't a competitor, etc).

      3. Training coordinator assigns the registration to the appropriate company rep which should then kick off an email to the company rep who then receives an email with a link where they can indicate if the registrant is approved to attend or not.


      QUESTION 1- How can I kick off the email to the company rep after our training coordinator assigns the registration? This will be a different rep each time (based on sales territory/region). This person is not necessarily the Lead Owner/Account Owner.


      QUESTION 2- How do I link the response of the company rep to the smart campaign so that if they approve their registration the registrant receives an approval email, or if they cancel their registration the training coordinator receives a notification of that?


      Then, once the registration has been approved/cancelled, we need to send the registrant an email with additional information. They will be asked if they need hotel accommodations or not and receive a confirmation of that based on their response.

      QUESTION 3- Is there a way to glean their answers from their original registration form/fields to send the hotel email at this point OR should I remove that question from the original form and send out a follow up email to the registrant AFTER the company rep has approved their registration?


      Hopefully these questions make sense and someone can help! I am a bit stumped being a newbie!

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          Hi Jaime

          We've build something similar like this for a client once, and it can all be build in Marketo, but you have to really to really watch your step regarding tracking cookies here. Let me explain:


          Let's say a specific training coordinator is responsible for a specific event. I would enter this information in a program token - let's call the token {{my.Trainer Coordinator Email}}.


          Correctly setup an alert will be sent to {{my.Trainer Coordinator Email}} in the flow. The email will contain a link to a Marketo landing page in the program. The URL in the email should include ?email={{lead.Email Address}} at the end. The landing page should only include a simple email form, which is pre-filled by the value from the ?email URL parameter. When the training coordinator submits the form, they are redirected to a second landing page in the program, which contains more fields.


          What's happened now is that Marketo now thinks the training coordinator is the lead, which email address was just used to fill out the form. This means the lead's data is pre-filled in the form on the second landing page. The second form could include all the information you would like to show the training coordinator, but should include a new field, that you've created in the Marketo Admin section. Let's call this field "Company Rep for Confirmation". In the form, you have inserted this field as a select option, where the shown value is the name of the company rep, but the server value (the value that is being saved in the Marketo field, when submitting the form) is the corresponding email address to the respective company reps.


          When submitting the form, you have a trigger flow, that sends out an alert to {{lead.Company Rep for Confirmation}}, which practically means the chosen company rep gets the alert. Here, you can use the same principle as for letting the trainer coordinator decide which company rep to send the confirmation request to.


          IMPORTANT: Marketo would now think that both the training coordinator and the company rep are the lead, which means that all their future webpage visits will be allocated as visits that the lead is doing, which it is not. :-) The way to solve this (which is what we did with our client) is to use some javascript to delete their Marketo cookies after filling out the forms, they needed to fill out. It's not a beautiful solution, but it works.


          Should I create a similar solution, I would either work closely together with tasks in SFDC, if you're using this, or I would code something custom and use the Marketo API in combination with requesting smart campaigns.


          IMPORTANT II: When testing alerts to other than the lead or account owner, it only works in triggered smart campaigns - not campaigns you try to execute manually. The workaround is to create a smart campaign with the send alert flow step which is triggered by another Marketo flow action. Activate it (remember to change that a lead can run through it every time) and create another smart campaign, where the smart list includes the filter "Email address is " and enter your test lead's email address. In the flow step, choose request campaign, and choose the trigger campaign you just activated. Remember also here to set lead to run through every time.


          Good luck with everything! :-)

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              Hi Thomas,

              Thanks for the reply! I see what you mean regarding cookies. In our instance, there is only every going to be one person (training coordinator) handling these registrations/assignments of company rep to approve registrations. As I mentioned in my original post it's tricky because the the coordinator will assign the registration for confirmation to various reps based on many different criteria. I believe I already have the first landing page build for the rep to confirm the registration, but are you saying I need a second landing page and form to accomplish what I want in this instance?


              As for your questions, we would like it if the coordinator could somehow assign the company rep in Marketo and that action would trigger the email to the rep to confirm or cancel the registration. We have discussed them doing this in CRM but reassigning the lead to the company rep really doesn't make sense for us. Sometimes the person approving a registrant for training is not even in sales, so that could complicate our CRM quite a bit. I'm not sure if I understand your second question.


              Thanks again!