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    List Imports into Marketo, to be synced into SFDC

      I recently tried importing a list of new leads into Marketo.  Note, our SFDC sync with Marketo was working just fine at the time. When I imported this list into Marketo, the leads did not sync over into SFDC.  The columns in the list were matched with the fields correctly.  I reched out to my consultant at the time and she told me that every time I import a list into Marketo, I need to create a program for those new leads.  I then need to sync that program to a SFDC campaign. This does not seem correct to me. Just because we import new leads, does not mean we want to run a call campaign or email campaign on them. I don't believe I was given the correct information here.


      Can someone please tell me how I can make sure that when I import a list of new leads into Marketo, that they sync over into SFDC. (without having to create a Marketo program and sync to a SFDC campaign).