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    Email domain connected to alternate server

    Kim Gandy

      We have a sister company transitioning their email activities over to Marketo, but until completed I'd like to send emails to their lead base using their independent email domain.


      Marketo shows that we can create unlimited DKIM and SPF configurations, but the sister company's email domain is currently pointing at an ExactTarget namespace server. We still have a need to use ExactTarget until the full transition and workforce training has been complete for Marketo. With that understood, is there any harm to sending from Marketo using an email domain whose reply mail is managed by ExactTarget?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          There's no harm at all if the Reply-To domain is all you're talking about. The vast majority of Marketo customers have Reply-To: @ their main domain, and that domain receives mail via their corporate mailserver, also an "alternate server."


          If, on the other hand, you have branded sender domains on your account (an additional cost) and you're talking about the *SMTP envelope sender* not simply the Reply-To, then Marketo will not be able to process out-of-band bounces, as they will go to ExactTarget. That ain't so good.

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