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    Emails from Marketo vs in-product and marketing stack

    Tim Lamb

      Curious to know other people's experiences with the following scenarios.


      1. We have a SaaS product activation email for a 30-day being sent out from the product for several reasons including security. We'd ideally like to be able to retarget a different message to people on a trial from the outset of activating their account. Has anyone had best practices of either moving the activation email out of their product and into Marketo or implementing tracking in emails within their product?


      2. We have several tools that we are integrating with Marketo, for example webinars and Learning Management System. I'm trying to understand whether it's worth the resources to have these emails and landing pages built within Marketo vs using ones in the platform providers. Obviously we would not have tracking etc, but our LMS has many webinars so the confirmation emails etc require quite a time commitment. Is there any solution which allows email activity to be logged against a leads activity history (in Marketo) even if the email is sent from another part of our marketing stack? i.e. some sort of API call.





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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Tim,


          These are separate and complex questions; You should really post them separately if you hope getting some answers


          I'll answer to the first one: You do not want to store passwords in Marketo. It is not meant to this. But you would use a Marketo email still and populate it's content from your product through the API, so that the email is sent from Marketo and tracked for opens and clicks. This would be all the more relevant so as you would track login and/or navigation on your product.



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            Josh Hill

            As Greg notes, this is complex and it's not a simple answer.


            Product Integrations

            This is something you really have to sit down and work out with the product team. You will have to decide what data will sync between the product and Marketo (not passwords or CC#). Yes, you could have an initial email from the PRoduct, but then pass activation info to Marketo to trigger onboarding nurturing. If you have the correct Status fields, you can certainly tell Trials from Paid, etc.... The only way Marketo knows about emails is if it came from Marketo.


            Special Integrations

            sounds like you are using a webinar or other provide that's not fully integrated with Marketo? Or maybe it is. Telling us the product name would help answer your question. There are third party tools, like Surveymonkey and Vidyard, that can insert data into the Activity Log. I'm sure developers.marketo.com can assist with this sort of thing. But my thought here is to have you research tools that would integrate more natively and for you to create a solution that is simpler than having to custom code. Save the coding for the product integration.