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    SFDC Integration

    Pushpalatha N

      I need recommendation for the below scenarios:

      1) The same lead/contact may flow into the different product campaign at the same time, how would we manage the lead status of the contact/lead. I need to track the historical data like status of the lead/contact on each campaign and from which campaign the lead is converted. 


      2) How to stop the sync for the certain leads based on the record type field from SFDC?


      Anyone please provide your suggestion for the above case



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          Pushpalatha N

          @Grégoire Michel Could you please advise on the above questions

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Pushpalatha,


            There are various topics here:

              1. the lead status in a product campaign could be managed either with programs in Marketo and/ou Campaigns in SFDC. Or with a few additional fields in SFDC and Marketo leads and contacts. Pick the second only if you are sure that the number of products will remain limited and that this product approach will last.... I you choose the campaign approach, you can in SFDC know what lead is in which status and since when. These are std functionality of the campaign membership. If you choose the custom field approach, you will also need to log history on these fields. You could also consider a couple of date fields and some workflow. All in all, I do prefer the campaign approach, as more evolutive, more robust and more consistent with the Marketo and SFDC standard capabilities
              2. Stoping the sync will require that you set up a sync filter. My recommendation is that you create a distinct field "sync with Marketo" on leads and contacts. Type is checkbox. You then create SFDC workflows to check and uncheck these fields. These SFDC workflows can be : if record type is X, uncheck the box. Then you ask support to set up a filter on this field. Finally, you will have to delete the leads in SFDC that have the wrong Record type. and read this: "Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 1  adn this: "Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 2



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                Pushpalatha N

                Hi Greg,


                Thanks for swift response.


                Through campaign approach, How can we track back status of leads/contacts in Marketo?



                A lead pushed into SFDC under a campaign (X) with the status of MQL. Salesperson will follow up the lead and changed the lead status into "Recycled". I would like to push back the status to Marketo?


                As per understanding, Campaign member status will not reflected to Marketo. Please advise.




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                    Grégoire Michel

                    Hi Divya,


                    The campaign member status will be reflected in Marketo:

                      • either in the program member status, if the SFDC campaign is synchronized with a Marketo porgram
                      • Through the campaign member specific filters and triggers

                    Attention: the lead status and the lead campaign member status are 2 very different things. IMHO, we live in a world of multi-touch and making a confusion between the 2 may drive you to Marketing wrong decisions and irrelevant processes. Better think of it as :


                    Mr X is a MQL and his interest is mostly in product Y


                    rather than


                    Mr X is a MQL for product X and a cold lead for product Y.


                    Mr X being the same person, he will likely prefer to be treated as one...