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    How does Engagement Program skip a gated content?

    Kanako Tone

      I'm trying to avoid different emails for the same content to a same person.


      I have a content program that is used in EP. Like this.

      Screenshot 2016-05-05 20.06.49.png


      So, if a member of the EP already filled the eBook Form above, the lead won't receive the email (email A) sent by CEO smart campaign above. I believe this "skip" happens based on the programs status of lead (= whether the lead is a member of default program above or not.) Correct me if I'm wrong.


      There is another program that has sent out an email for the same content (email B). We would like to add those who opened or clicked the email B to the EP. If they only opened/clicked but didn't fill the form, I believe they will receive the email A. Is there any way to avoid this? One workaround I could come up with was to have a filter on smart list that "Member of EP is True" AND "Not Was Sent Email B". But I wonder whether this setup will push the lead to the next content, instead of waiting for one cadence. Can anyone confirm?