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Accurate First-Touch/Multi-Touch (FT/MT) Attribution Reporting on Existing Opportunities

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on May 6, 2016
Latest reply on May 7, 2016 by Dan Stevens.

As marketers, we play a significant role in influencing existing opportunities, pipeline and sales.  Often time, we're not the ones generating the initial lead (especially for those of us in large organizations who primarily market/sell to existing accounts).  At the same time, it's important to demonstrate marketing's impact on the business.


Currently, we're struggling to report accurately on MT attribution - specifically for those leads that are attached to existing opportunities.  For example, at event, one of marketing's primary objectives is to move existing opportunities along our multi-stage opportunity process.  The way we track these types of event attendees in Marketo is first, we upload the full attendee list to the event program after the event.  And then we change the program status to "Marketing Influenced Opportunity" (a success step) for those applicable leads, send an alert to Marketing Ops, who then attaches the contact record in CRM to the existing opportunity.  Here's where the problem arises: for MT attribution to work, success must happen BEFORE the opportunity is created to get pipeline credit.  In this case, the opportunity already exists - all we're doing is attaching this contact record to the opportunity - and therefore the activity does not appear in our MT attribution reporting.  I'd be interested to learn how some of you deal with this situation.


BTW, we use MS Dynamics as our CRM platform.  Not sure if this even matters in this case.