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Can users adjust who Sales Insight emails come from

Question asked by Katie DenHollander on May 4, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2016 by Katie DenHollander

Is there a way for Users in Salesforce to adjust who the Sales Insight email comes from? Our employees work in teams, and would benefit from Admin Assistants being able to send Sales Insight emails for another user, or it would be great if we could set all Sales Insight emails to come from the Lead Owner.

We set up all of our Sales Insight emails with Lead Owner as the "from" email, but when they get added to Sales Insight, it ignores that rule and sends from the specific user who presses send. There is this drop-down in the admin section which seems like it would give us the option to specify who the "From" name is on Sales Insight emails, but the drop-down only has one option and we can't figure out how that drop-down gets populated:


Admin > Sales Insight > Edit Settings:

SI Settings.png