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    Send email as part of a program

      Hi All,

      I'm a novice with Marketo, so I apologise if this question is simplistic or it  was asked elsewhere.

      I have a program consisting of 2 landing pages (landing page and thank you page) and an email. All of them are approved.

      While the landing page leads to the thank you page, how can I enable Marketo to send out the email as well? For example, someone fills out the form on the landing page and registers for a trial. i want them to receive their login details in an email once they hit the thank you page.

      Thanks in advance!

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          In the Smart list use the trigger "fills out form" and select your marketo form on the landing page. Then in the flow step, choose "send email".
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            Thanks Michelle.

            Just to be clear: i create the smart list within the program, correct?
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              Archana Ranjan
              Yes you will create Smart campaign within program.
              Then in Smart list you will use trigger "Fills out Form" - XYZ
              In Flow step, you will use "Send email" -- your confirmation email.
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                Just to add to Archana's information, you want a Smart Campaign with the following attributes:

                Smart List: Fills Out Form Trigger (not filter), specify the form (you can also click Add Contraint on the trigger and specify the specific landing page)

                Flow: Send Email, specify the email to send to the lead who filled out the form

                Schedule: Set Smart Campaign Settings to "Each lead can run through the flow every time" (or whatever setting you think is appropriate. Typically any form fill out autoresponder email is set to run every time)

                And then make sure you Activate the campaign. Once active, the smart campaign will appear as a lit-up light bulb in the left navigation sidebar and any lead who fills out the form should immediately be sent the email.

                One final note, make sure the email it is sending is marked as operational. You can see how to do that here: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoTutorial?id=kA250000000Kz32CAC
                This will ensure even leads who are unsubscribed will get the email they requested.