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    Marketo and SFDC Sync Issue

    Ajay Sarpal



      I've just started monitoring an instance which is functional for the past 6 years, and identified many SFDC sync issues. Here are the issues which we're presently encountring:


      1) Why: Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.

      Error details:

      CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY: i.tAA_L_OtherEmails_valid: System.LimitException: Apex CPU time limit exceeded


      2) Why: Marketo is unable to update Lead in Salesforce.

      Error details:

      FIELD_CUSTOM_VALIDATION_EXCEPTION: <font color="blue"><br/>DUPECATCHER WARNING! The Lead that you edited was not saved.</font><br/><font color="blue">It has been blocked because the value of the Lead 'Email' field that you entered is similar to the 'Email' field of the Leads listed below.</font><br/><br/><font color="green">Click on the links below to view or edit the potential duplicate records.</font><br/>Potential duplicate Lead record: <a href="../00QF00000aaaaaa13aaa">Ajay Sarpal</a><br/>Potential duplicate Lead record: <a href="../00QF000000aaadc11">Ajay Sarpal</a><br/>


      3) If we upload the leads directly to Marketo, the leads are not getting synced with the SFDC campaign. It seems there is a mandatory field in SFDC called ISV, and whenever we try syncing the data we get following error message:

      Error details:





      Sync Lead to SFDC caught exception






      Failed: MALFORMED_ID: ISV: id value of incorrect type: N/A



      How could we fix above stated issues?


      Thanks and best regards,