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Email Deliverablity, Spam, Blacklisting, etc.

Question asked by 40cefb6926f01571104eee90b38d762d46527521 on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 2, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

We are researching different email deliverability vendors that we could employ. Any suggestions to our current issues below would be great!!



Sometime in 2014, our company was reported to GoDaddy.  Prior to this, there were no issues with email deliverability.


In response, my company set up a new domain for email campaigns with a forward to our current website.  Ever since, all response rates have declined.  I believe that the majority of our emails are landing in junk/spam folders.  The decline in response rates is not due to content as it is not new content.  I believe it is safe to assume the problem lies with the domain.  I have some theories as to why, but am not an expert in this area.  I think that the fact the domain is forwarded may trigger some spam filters. We are not using the best email platform right now (Zoho Campaigns), which may also affect deliverability. 


We are also moving to Marketo right now (just finished foundation training) which I believe will also improve deliverability. Then today, a coworker sent an email from his corporate email address to a friend about possible employment, and the email landed in his junk box.


Also concerned about that our domain does not having a security certificate or DMARC policy, although the domain that it is forwarding from does.  One of the email deliverability vendors we are exploring offered a free test on both domains .  It reported no SSL cert for both.  The challenge is that  the domain for our corporate website is hosted by Drupal Gardens.  We cannot add an SSL cert to the actual domain. Drupal offers a cert to all web sites hosted on their platform and does not issue CSRs.