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    Sales Email Smart Campaigns - Activity Remove From Flow

    Matt Lyman

      Hi everyone,


      We are using a few smart campaigns to allow sales some standardized engagement programs. We are doing smart campaigns instead of engagement campaigns because we have different time frames between each activity. They look something like this:


      • Email 1 / Task 2 created
      • Wait 1 day
      • Email 2 / Task 3 created
      • Wait 2 days
      • Email 3 / Task 4 created
      • Wait 3 days
      • Email 4 / Change status to nurture


      My questions are this:

      1. How do I go about removing from this process? Our sales activities created in the steps above have a standard subject line containing [sales outreach] so I could use an activity logged not containing [sales outreach] status, but that might catch ANY activity in there.

      2. Would it be better to use engagement programs for this and make each of the email / task steps their own stream, allowing me to do the wait steps in between? Still, how would you recommend I kick it out of the stream.


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated.