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    Demographic Scoring

      We have demographic scores that we want automatically applied to our leads when they are imported into Marketo.  Since we are new to Marketo, we are struggling to figure out the best way to do this. Any input is appreciated. 
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          You can create smart campaigns with the trigger Lead is created with a filter of (what ever you are measuring)

          Job Title contains (Director) - or whatever you are measuring 
          Change Schore - Demographic  Score+# points

          The better way to do it might be a smart campaign on Data Value Change (Job Title)  is updated new value (contains) Director
          Change Schore - Demographic  Score+# points

          and in the settings you can say only occurs one time. 

          This would allow your demographic scores to increase as you get more informaiton about your leads.

          I hope this helps, let me know your thoughts!


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            Conor Fitzpatrick

            You have several options here: trigger campaigns (ie Lead is Created and Data Value Changes), recurring batch campaigns, or a combination of both. For demographic scoring, I'd suggest primarily using recurring batch campaigns since it puts less stress on the system and lets your trigger campaigns for important moments (filling out a form, etc.) run more efficiently. Maybe something like this:

            •           Batch Campaign runs nightly to scores Leads created that day on values such as Company Size (Lead can only run through flow once)
            •           Trigger Campaigns to run when Data Value Changes in the future ie Company Size is now 500+ employees (Lead can run through the flow everytime)

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                Erin Olsen

                Thanks for this! I am just working on redoing my scoring and this has been helpful. One question though - why would you want someone to be able to run through the trigger campaign every time?


                Also, do you set criteria like:



                Data Value Changes:

                Attribute: Company Size

                Old Value = Empty

                New Value = 1000+

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                Josh Hill
                I agree with the above.

                Please see my guide for details: