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Pointing to a custom font file not working

Question asked by af7f8dce40924c084a286a4a63f3669009578a2c on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2016 by af7f8dce40924c084a286a4a63f3669009578a2c

Hi all,

I have a landing page that needs a custom font. The font file is situated in the "Images and Files" section of Marketo here.

I reference this file with my on-page CSS:

@font-face {

     font-family: 'AvenirNextLTPro-Regular';

     src: url('') format('woff'),

     url('') format('truetype');


body {



This is not working. As you can see I reference .ttf file too but I don't see any change in font.

Can somebody shed some light on this matter please?