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API Only User info for Hootsuite Enterprise Integration

Question asked by 8b41afa4f66152046b7dd93dc7d613f4712c4c99 on Apr 27, 2016

I have been attempting to set up Hootsuite Enterprise integration for several weeks. I am getting CLOSE, but am not sure about a couple of settings.

Specifically, I need to know the information for each field where you set up an API Only User.  HootsuiteAPIUser.PNG

I have created an API Only User Role,  and now I am attempting to Create an API Only User. I just need to know what to put in the fields it is asking for. This is so that I can then Create a Custom Service and access the Munchkin code which Hootsuite requires to fully integrate with Marketo.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I am new to Marketo so am a bit confused.