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What's the best way to approach this project/data?

Question asked by b6c7a055df6034c3d40a709bd5cef064ebf4c072 on Apr 28, 2016
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I've been asked to do a one-off email in the next week but there is some dynamic content involved, specifically referring to RMA numbers and Debit Memo IDs.

Looking at the preliminary data, it is very likely that a single email address would have multiple RMA number/Debit Memo ID pairings. One email could have 8+ records.


Part of the request is to list the RMA/Debit Memos in the email.


My first thought was just to create multiple custom fields for each of these (RMA1, RMA2, RMA3, DebitMemo1, DebitMemo2, etc.) and then use the token capabilities to pull them into the email as a list.


Are there better ways of doing this? Any tips, examples, help on how? I am sure there is some better way to use custom objects but I have not ventured forth into that realm much to date.


Thank you for your help and advice.