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Smart List Based on Tag Value - Subscriptions

Question asked by e0a23c8e8736fcefcf3b2ce864cb78a0ac6995c2 on Apr 21, 2016
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I'm a little behind on creating our Subscription Management Center but the process I have planned out has left me wondering how I can ensure that the proper exclusions are made based on specific tag values.


Each of our Subscription levels will be based around the possible values of our "Campaign Type" tag (required tag). 

I was wondering if it were possible to make an automated exclusion for those who have opted out for that particular type?


ie - Campaign Type = "Value Add" so each program with this tag value would have the Value Add Unsub. = "False" (to exclude those that unsubed from that type)


Currently I see each Program requiring the criteria to be be placed into the smart list based on the tag value.  Since this will be constant based on the tag I thought it would be great if it could be setup to always happen without having to make sure it were manually added correctly for each list.


Is there any method that could make this happen?