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    Number of Employees

    Colin Mann

      What's the best way to show the number of employees when the data is a range (such as 100-500 for example) and this data needs to be synchronised to a CRM platform? We currently would show the data in a column in this format: "100-500" and then map it to 'Number of Employees' in Marketo but I'm unsure whether this is the best method.


      What is people's best practice in this case?

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Well, you can't map the string representation of "{min}-{max}" to a single number (integer), obviously, since it contains two numbers.


          Unless you are planning to do some complex arithmetic on these, I would keep it as a string.


          Or, assuming your ranges never overlap -- and will never change -- you could store just the minimum to signify the range.


          The most precise way to do this is to use two different numbers.

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            Juli James

            Hi Colin!,


            What I tend to do is use the middle number of the range for the number of employees, and then all form fills etc populate the 'middle number' which can then be updated in the CRM by the Business Development Team when they do some more investigation once the lead is passed to them.


            You can map 100-500, for example, as long as the field is a string, but I think that getting a single figure is the better place to start.





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