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Merging Issue - Need To Exclude Merged Leads From Lead Life Cycle Campaigns

Question asked by Helen Abramova Champion on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Loren Posendek



We have a big issue with merging leads. Merging is going smoothly in Salesforce, but in Marketo it causes a big problem. The reason is Marketo can't query merged leads in any way, so we can't exclude them from Lead Life Cycle campaigns. Thus a newly merged lead is added to certain campaigns, some fields are changed to new values, and it triggers alerts, status changes etc.


For now I see two options:
- manually deactivate all lead Life Cycle campaigns, run deduping, then switching them on (very manually, no deduping in real time)

- no overriding when merging (in this case we lose some lead history)


We already talked to Marketo support, deduping tool support - there is no solution so far.


Any ideas or suggestions on that?


Thanks you!