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    Merging 2 Marketo Instances



      We recently merged with another company and each have our own Marketo instances. We are looking for the easiest, smoothest way to integrate the two with minimal disruption to the businesses. I've seen a few other threads on here that have been helpful, but wanted to pose the question again: What is the best way to integrate 2 instances (we will be combining SFDCs to 1), while maintaining historic data and data integrity? Does any one have experience? Questions we should be asking? Pitfalls we should be aware of? Advice? Concerns?


      Any advice here on the best way to go about this is greatly appreciated!

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Lia,


          That's a long story. I understand you will be keeping 1 SFDC instance and it's attached Marketo instance? If this is the case, a few things to know:

          • All activity logs from the instance you are discarding is lost. It would be very tricky to export it all and impossible to reimport in the remaining Marketo instance as is
          • There are a couple of workarounds, though
            • You can reimport some of these activities in a custom object in the new Marketo instance. It will take some API work to extract the info. But it's not always worth it. Before investing in this effort, really make sure you will ever be using that info in the remaining marketo instance
            • You also should make sure that every relevant information related to program membership and statuses is stored in campaigns and campaign members in the soon-to-be-discarded SFDC instance, since this is data you will be able to export from the old SFDC and reimport into the new one
          • You can ask  support to connect the 2 marketo instances so that you can transfert programs from one to another. This will also transfer templates and channels. So transfers will not work though, and the error info you will have will be sometimes not relevant nor helpful to understand why it failed. One of the cases I have observed is when the program is using a shared asset (typically a shared form)


          All in all, do not underestimate the time it takes. Some subjects will need a lot of time to get fixed

          • differences in data models
          • differences in naming conventions
          • ...



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