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    Multicurrency in Revenue Cycle Explorer

    Chris Yeoh
      We use multi-currency in our Salesforce org. When we run revenue cycle explorer and create reports such as Program Opportunity Analysis the revenue data is a rollup total of mutiple currencies. Is there a way to have use the Amount (converted) field from SFDC so that the reporting is of value.

      Currently if the report is listing individual opportunities we have to go into SFDC, look up the Amount in AUD and update the report in a spreadsheet. It it is a summary report e.g. just looking at Program Chanel performance then we don't see the true revenue value.
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          Hi Chris,

          If you have a field in SFDC which convert the multiple currencies to one common reportable currency then you can log a case with support and ask them to remap the field so that this one is used as the amount field in RCA instead of the default amount field.
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              Sylvain Davril

              Just to complete Cathal's answer as we discussed this topic recently : as Marketo manages only one currency, you need to convert all amounts coming from salesforce before they arrive in Marketo.


              For this you have to create a custom field in the opportunity object that will contain the converted value based on your organization currency.

              Here is a link that can help you do this in salesforce because it involves advanced skills

              multi currency - Setting a Multicurrency field in Apex - Salesforce Stack Exchange


              Then you can log a case and ask the support to remap the link between the opportunity amount in Marketo with your new field (after having cleaned all smart lists using the amount field as the remapping needs that the fields involved are not used). I also recommend saving all values for amount on opportunities in salesforce as the remapping can erase the values. You may need to reload tham after the remapping (the support can explain this better than me).


              So then all your reporting will be based on the same currency.


              Of course, you will have to input in Marketo all costs in your org. currency.


              Hope it helps !!



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              Melissa Boland
              Hi Chris, 

              Was Marketo able to help you resolve this currency issue? We are experiencing the same thing and it is really skewing our reports. Our Salesforce admin looked into the amount (converted) field and apparently it is only available as a reporting field and doesn’t appear as a normal field that can be sync’d over to Marketo. Wondering how you were able to response this on your end. Any input you can provide would be helpful. Thanks!
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                Chris Yeoh
                Hi Melissa,

                no, we are still struggling to find a solution to this issuse. The field we need to map to is: Amount(Converted) but it seems it is not available via the api. 

                Please let me know if you find any more info on this issue as we'd like to solve it also!
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                  Chris Yeoh
                  Problem sovled. We set up a trigger in Salesforce to copy the value in Amount (converted) into a new custom field. We are currently doing this on a daily basis but it is causing an issue with the "last modified" field as every opportunity is being updated daily by the trigger. Might need a workflow that copies the value on Closed Won.

                  Once you have the custom field setup (we called ours Marketo Amount (AUD)) you can then go into the admin section of Marketo and go to: Revene Cycle Analytics and then the Custom Field Sync tab. Find the field you want to sync and then enable it. I think it takes a day to sync over to Marketo.

                  Once you have the field mapped over you will see it in your RCE reporting.