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Nurturing beyond emails - using engagement programs for multi-channel engagement

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

I'm not sure if I should post this as an Idea or a Discussion - but let's start with a discussion.  We all know it's more challenging than ever to get our emails delivered successfully to our audience's inbox.  To ensure we're top-of-mind to our customers/prospects, it's necessary to leverage all digital channels effectively.  And while Marketo is a multi-channel marketing platform, it's still primarily focused on email as the primary outbound channel.  I'm looking for ways to leverage additional channels - like social and search - as we nurture our leads.


For example, once a lead becomes known and qualifies for an engagement program, instead of just emailing them on a regular cadence, we would also like to send out regular, sponsored tweets; or targeted search campaigns around specific keywords aligned to their area of interest (based on the content they've engaged with us in the past that we've been able to track).  We currently pay for Marketo's social add-on (Social Boost and Promotion) - and up until now, it has provided no value back to us.  And quite frankly, none of the tools/capabilities have been updated in years.  I'd rather shift those budget dollars and invest in doing some of the activity that I've been mentioning. Can anyone recommend any of the platform/service on LaunchPoint that natively integrates into Marketo to enhance the existing capabilities of Marketo?  We have a meeting with Sprinklr later this week to discuss their integration into Marketo.