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    Weekly Email in Smart Campaign

      Quick question for everyone-

      How do I schedule a weekly email in a Marketo smart campaign?  For example, I would like an email to go out every Wednesday.  I am trying to figure it out using the "flow" and the "wait" instrument, but am not quite sure. 

      Any suggestions woud be appreciated!  Thank you!
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          Kim Allen
          If you are just using a BATCH smart campaign that starts on a Wednesday (maybe you only have a handful of emails) then your flow would be:
          Send Email --
          Wait one week (you can add in the option to make the day end on Wednesday just to be sure -- use the little gear in the flow step)
          Send Email --

          If you are doing this with a trigger you would need to put a wait step first to make sure the campaign waits to send the first email out so it goes out on Wednesday.

          If you have lots of emails and moving pieces I'd recommend using nurture streams... it's easier to set cadence and adjust the emails.

          Hope this helps.
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            Josh Hill
            I agree with Kim that Engagements might be the best way - that way you can drop in the next email each week.

            The other way is to run individual email send programs each week. Those would be set each time you want to send them.
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              Great- thank you very much! I got it now.