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Wanna come to the "Silicon Shire" (Eugene, OR) and be part of the team that spawned one of this year's Marketer of the Year finalists?

Question asked by fd29e3c310d89f7b9eba52f1f53548c1e28b767c on Apr 19, 2016

MPulse Software, in Oregon's Silicon Shire, trained one of this year's 4 finalists for Marketo Marketer of the Year. Now he's retiring and we need a new budding Marketo Master. If you're interested in getting out of the traffic and high costs of the Bay Area and joining a great company culture in a beautiful location, you should check us out. If not, I hope you'll let your friends know.


Apply on LinkedIn:

Digital Marketing Associate/ Marketo Administrator Job at MPulse Maintenance Software in Eugene, Oregon Area | LinkedIn