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Tracking Conversions from embeded forms in Marketo Landing Pages

Question asked by fee28d351eb228fe600c0f13a70caadb5b448f63 on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by fee28d351eb228fe600c0f13a70caadb5b448f63

We currently use marketo Landing page templates with fully custom code which includes responsive features and an embeded marketo form. The reason we do this all via code, is due to an issue we commonly encounter with marketo forms applied from the landing page editor. Placement of LP forms from the editor result in the form moving around the page unpredictably and pushing it out of alignment.


That said, we lose out on landing page conversion metrics in the landing page report. It shows the views but 0 conversions since the form is a separate asset from the landing page which is applied via marketo's javascript embed. Is there any way to connect the landing page template and its sister form in a way that conversions would be counted by the landing page report? Thanks for any help!